This was an engaging session, which the students really benefitted from! The Trainer ensured that the students were made to feel comfortable in a very calm, open, and positive atmosphere.

Allerton Grange School


  • Excellent practitioners really got the best out of all the students today!

  • The trainer’s enthusiasm and passion were contagious. Their positivity inspired and their empathy encouraged our students to all participate and support each other.

Allerton High School


Very inspiring and motivational! Giving young people the confidence and ability to speak out! Very good confidence-boosting session!

All Saints Catholic High School & Notre High School


So much progress made by the students, I was really impressed by how the trainer managed to get them to talk in front of their peers.

Appleton Academy


  • I was so impressed; I thought I was going to cry.

  • A fantastic day! Students were engaged and it was brilliant to see the students grow in confidence.

  • Excellent! So impressive – really loved seeing the kids come out of their comfort zone.

Archbishop Holgate's


A motivational experience, I have learned lots of new skills for myself as well as the students.

Archbishop Sentamu Academy


  • After years of teaching, I’ve seen lots of things like this before but this workshop is by far the best!

  • The session on Friday that the trainers delivered was absolutely brilliant. Their engagement with the students, their approachable manner and their whole demeanour is just so in tune with the ethos and attitude of the academy that it made our students instantly gel with them. The activities were fun, engaging and well suited to the students. Our students are still talking about the activity on Friday and I am hopeful that our Y6's will be equally enthused after their session on the 8th. Both trainers are a credit to your organisation and fantastic advocates for the positivity that Talk the Talk leaves in its wake. Our staff allocated to the activities were equally effusive in their feedback on the sessions.

  • Excellent organisation and presence in the room. The trainer was superb with the group – encouraging them and pushing them out of their comfort zone. A fantastic atmosphere.

Armthorpe Academy


A positive and engaging day, which motivated and encouraged the students to participate at all times. The improvement they made in their confidence was amazing!

Barnsley Academy


  • I really enjoyed Talk The Talk methods of teaching and learned lots of things relating to being confident.

  • The trainer was a delight to work with, super positive and enthusiastic with the students.

  • I thought it was a fantastic day. It really equipped the students with the transferable skills they can use in lessons and school. The trainer was excellent with year 8 and the resources are really good quality.

  • The Trainer was excellent with her delivery and the students completely engaged. I am impressed with this programme.

  • At break – all the students described this day as ‘brilliant’.

Batley Girls High School


  • What a successful day. The trainer was very engaging and has supported the students effectively throughout.

  • The students really engaged and really enjoyed the session. Improvements were obvious in the student's confidence and communication throughout.

  • The trainer had an excellent connection with students and students’ improvement was obvious after the session.

  • The training was really well planned and engaging for the students. Lots of praise, which really supported student progress.

Batley Grammar School


Excellent! We have been very impressed by the progress students have made. Some of our least confident young people have been empowered to stand up and speak in front of the whole group – this is huge for them.

Beckfoot Upper Heaton


  • All students were engaged and positive with their learning. They seemed to be very inspired and motivated after the session!

  • Clear articulate individuals. Good pace to the session. Very relevant, students were completely engaged and the workbooks were great.

  • Great to get students talking in front of their peers. Helps with confidence.

Beckfoot School


  • Brilliant engagement in activities. Well-presented and great students interaction. Content well-delivered and appropriate level.

  • Very engaging and interactive. Very friendly and enthusiastic – evident improvements in the student's confidence!

  • Very good to observe. Nice to see the students coming out of their shells.

  • Students were engaged. Meaningful tasks where all students were involved.

  • Really natural with students, well-structured and clear outcomes for the students.

Beckfoot School


Really supportive – great for pupils self-esteem and wellbeing. Pupils felt really confident at the end and had clearly thoroughly engaged.

Beckfoot Thornton


  • A really engaging session which enabled pupils to make really clear progress in their ability to talk in front of one another. The Atmosphere was positive, constructive and pupils felt safe to take risks.

  • Fantastic delivery and enthusiasm, which resulted in some amazing responses and collaborative work with the students.

  • The workshops were fantastic and the facilitators superb.

  • Excellent, well delivered, positive, praising, gave the students confidence, and very enthusiastic.

  • One of the best Trainers I have come across, whilst working in many schools!

  • The trainer was excellent – good knowledge, a strong presence in the room and could hold a challenging group of students by completely keeping their interest.

  • The Trainer was excellent. The trainer had a particularly great manner and approach, which the children really responded to.

  • I felt the training and workshop was excellent!

  • Really positive. Good energy, calm, direct and patient with the students. Got them all completely engaged.

  • Really valuable to see the students growing in confidence and being able to deliver their speeches!

  • Really useful – students were completely engaged!

  • Engaging – Fun – Useful – interesting!

Bishop Young CofE Academy


  • An excellent and inspiring session for all pupils. The trainer was warm and welcoming, created a safe environment and led exercises in a way which engaged our most apprehensive speakers.

  • Castleford Academy

  • An engaging session, well managed, understanding the student's needs.

Chaucer School


  • Very engaging – all children involved at all times. The confidence is definitely what the students need to help them make the transition between Primary and Secondary School.

  • Brilliant, engaging, all the students involved!

  • Really friendly and encouraged all the children to get involved in the session. Lots of different activities so students stay engaged.

  • Very good, children grew in confidence throughout the day. Presentations were great!

Clifton Community School


  • Very informative and well delivered. Really engaging and it was obvious the impact over the course of the day.

  • Great progress made under a confident trainer. Clearly experienced at working with young people and excellent at names!

  • Confident and clear – in tune with students and preparing them with memorable skills for life.

  • Personable, engaging, students well managed, a good amount of praise used – which made students confident.

  • Thoroughly planned, professional attitude. Students showed progress over the full day.

Chaucer School


  • Fantastic day, an absolute joy to watch. Made all students feel welcome and confident which enabled every one of them to deliver an individual presentation.

  • This really was an inspiring day – the trainer focussed on the students and really encouraged all the way! Even had some students that would never get up that DID! Fantastic!

  • Brilliant, engaging and informative. Students really improving from the very start of the session and looking very confident by the end.

  • Really good! Young people struggle with social anxiety and communication skills, so this is a great idea! Really good Trainer.

Cockburn School


  • Fantastic! Having seen the students at the start and the end of the day – the transformation was amazing! Kids who hardly talk or have eye contact – stood in front of a room of students, doing high-quality speeches.

  • It was a pleasure to see our pupils grow in confidence!

  • Very engaging with the students and excellent rapport with the class.

Crofton Academy


I witnessed clear progress and growth in confidence of every member of the group. The training was lively, relevant and engaging and the trainer managed the group superbly.

De Warenne Academy


  • Brilliant with the students - very encouraging, well structured build to the final.

  • The trainer was very good at giving student’s self-esteem by constantly reinforcing their skill and building confidence. She was exceptional in this regard!

  • Excellent workshop that emerged all pupils to get involved.

Dixons Kings Academy:


  • Enthusiastic, positive, fast-paced, engaging and challenging enough for the students to draw out talents they didn’t realise they had – well done!

  • Lively, fun, and engaging day. A focused session with a knowledgeable and enthusiastic leader.

  • Excellent provision. Pitched perfectly at the level and age of students. The second time I have used Talk The Talk and excellent once again.

  • Amazing! The trainer really bonded with my form and we enjoyed a great day!

Driffield School


  • The trainer has a great rapport with the students!

  • I was impressed with the positivity of the trainers. The topics were covered at a good pace. Students will, genuinely, take away important information, which will be helpful to them in the future.

  • Fantastic – the trainer was excellent at engaging with the students. Really positive throughout and adapted to the needs of the students.

Elliott Hudson College


  • Well structured and organised series of activities engaging students to learn and develop skills in a natural and progressive fashion. The Trainer has an excellent way with the students!

  • Extremely engaging, fast-paced and thought provoking. The interaction, practical elements were delivered in a very supportive, proactive way.

  • Outstanding input and engagement.

  • I noticed that as the day progressed, the vast majority of the boys in my class were far superior in their presentation and interview skills. Some boys had gone from coming across as nothing special to being perceived as unique, interesting and very desirable candidates, in my opinion.

  • I would strongly recommend that you bring them back for next year's year 12.

  • Today was brilliant. The boys responded really well and enjoyed the day. This was chiefly because your trainers were all very impressive individuals, who knew their subject inside out, were engaging, warm and highly competent. I saw all four workshops and was very impressed by everything I saw.

Ermystead Grammar School


  • Extremely engaging for all students (and me)! Very prevalent for how we teach speechwriting in English.

  • Highly quality content, delivered in an engaging and effective way. The trainer has excellent control over the group due to his great rapport.

Hemsworth Arts and Community Academy


Fantastic energy and enthusiasm the entire day! Great delivery and focus.

Holy Family Catholic High School (Carlton)


Excellent! We have been very impressed by the progress students have made. Some of our least confident young people have been empowered to stand up and speak in front of the whole group – this is huge for them.

Honley High School


  • A great intervention that allows individuals to develop their confidence and step out of their comfort zone.

  • Very engaging and enjoyable. Great involvement, no one left out.

  • Excellent, well-planned and engaging session. Students really enjoyed the session and grew in confidence throughout. The trainer was amazing!

Leeds West Academy


  • Excellent from beginning to end! Students were engaged throughout. Amazing!

  • An engaging presenter gave good support and feedback to students. Controlled session well, good pace to delivery, instructions clear, and students really enjoyed the session.

Malton School


The engagement was really high; some students who are usually really disengaged in school really listened to the trainers and made huge progress.  

Oasis Lister Academy


  • It was a very focused, engaging and interactive session the whole day. How the Trainer balances all the individual support and feedback whilst also managing all the group dynamics is a major credit to her!

  • Very motivating and encouraging. Kept all students focused and on task all day!

Rawmarsh School


  • Fantastic session, which engaged all students for the whole day. The energy of the trainer was infectious!

  • Great trainer, really enthusiastic sessions, broken down well with interesting activities. Wonderful confidence boost!

  • The students were engaged all day. The Trainer was amazing and inspiring. Our students have grown today.

Rossett School


Pupils engaged with a range of tasks, which helped prepare them for the grand finale where each pupil delivered a 5-minute speech on a topic of their choice. One pupil particularly spoke about how he enjoyed reflecting on the structure of his speech and was able to put his performing skills to good use. Trainers were highly supportive and skilful, bringing out the best in our pupils.  Every pupil said they felt more confident at the end of the day.

Roundhay School


  • Was unbelievably engaging and useful for the students. Professionally delivered and pitched at the correct level. Activities were varied, meaningful and had a great impact.

  • Excellent training session, the pupils of year 8 REALLY enjoyed it.

Ryburn Valley High School


  • Well planned, resourced and appropriate for our students. High levels of engagement from all students all colleagues in the sessions were very positive about the methods of delivery.

  • The build-up from the individual talk, to paired talk and team/collaborative talk, was very good.

Saint Pius X Catholic High School


  • Impressed with the Training. She made sure everyone engaged in the session, even the really shy ones. Skilfully brought pupils into the activities. Good use of praise.

  • Very positive, engaging and made every child feel really involved. The trainer held the attention of the class really well. Ms Flynn

Salendine Nook Academy Trust


  • Inspiring! Students were really engaged.

  • Fantastic presentation! The trainers were engaging, enthusiastic and were clearly very knowledgeable. The students responded really well throughout.

Samuel Lister Academy


  • A really engaging and refreshing approach to pupil talk. Great resources and excellent management of students.

  • Superb! Well structured and hugely successful with our students. I’ve enjoyed it immensely!

  • A compelling, engaging and enjoyable day of training that involved everybody in the room. Students with little or no confidence, willing to stand up and make a speech – fantastic!

  • Really purposeful – students showed engagement throughout and made real progress.

Selby High School


  • The trainer had a beautiful manner with Students and really brought out the best of the girls. Excellent feedback and encouragement gave throughout. It was amazing!

  • The trainer held the student's attention really well! Trainer created a non-judgemental safe space, which was funny, engaging and educational!!

  • Such an empowering session and progress that installed confidence into young women. Excellent knowledge and strategies used by the trainers for what was a great and interactive session.

Sheffield Hallam University SHE Can project via HeppSY+


  • The trainer was fantastic and able to identify when students are disengaging to motivate and re-engage. Built-up a good relationship with students quickly.

  • I really enjoyed taking part in today’s training – Very inspiring and motivating. All students engaged and felt at ease quite quickly. It was nice to see the student's confidence grow and deliver a fantastic performance, demonstrating skills learned within the day.

Sherburn High School


  • It was extremely well organised and you could see the students growing in confidence during the day. The praise towards the students really encouraged involvement and good behaviour.

  • Fabulous to see the difference in the students interacting confidently during the second part of the session. Especially when you consider many of them were in tears at the start of the session. The trainers had a lovely manner with the students – really positive and full of energy!

  • Great to see the positive engagement of the pupils. As the interaction began to flow through the morning, you could clearly see their confidence grow.

Spen Valley High School


Excellent presentation of the session, students responded very well! Really great to see their progress! Ms Barley.

South Hunsley


  • It was fantastic to see the improvements in confidence from all students and was moving to see such powerful results at the end of the day.

  • Excellent – engaging from the start – student really growing in capacity and confidence immediately.

  • The trainer had the students engaged right from the beginning. Fabulous to see all the students being confident and having fun. Perfect for new Y7’s to get to know each other.

Stocksbridge High School


The Trainer was an outstanding practitioner and he engaged a number of very hard to reach students who had a range of learning needs including ADHA, visual impairment, etc. All the students felt a huge sense of achievement.

Tapton School Communication


ALL our students rated the session 5 out of 5 stars on our student voice feedback.

The Co-operative Academy


  • The training today was extremely beneficial for our students. Throughout the day it was evident how everyone’s confidence soared.

  • Very engaging and the students really loved it. Some of our least confident SEND students were able to speak out in front of other students, something they have never done before.

  • A wonderful day for the students, delivered by an excellent trainer. The trainer has a great presence and manner with the students.

  • The session delivered today was delivered perfectly for the students. The trainer has supported SEND pupils in one of the best ways I have seen in a long time.

  • The workshop today was extremely well led by the trainer. He supported everyone to progress and really step out of their comfort zone.

The Market Weighton Academy


  • Incredibly inspiring, motivating and so so important. Seeing children being sensitively and empathetically guided to conquer their demons has been one of the best experiences of my teaching career.

  • It was exceptional. Empowering, thoughtful, and inspiring for all of the students. Perfectly pitched. Exceptionally supportive, students gained so much self-esteem.

  • Fantastic opportunity for our students to see how to structure a formal presentation and deliver it in front of their peers. An invaluable chance for our students to put themselves on a level footing with other young people their age.

  • Excellent engagement. Valid ways to help build confidence for the future.

  • Fantastic delivery, engaging manner with students. Student’s confidence clearly grew throughout the session.

  • Students were engaged and showed immense progress throughout the day. All left the day with great confidence and that is a real reflection on the Trainer quality.

  • Once again, absolutely amazing. The skill of presentation instilled in the class is undeniable. I’m astonished the trainer managed to get the students to speak the way they did.

  • An amazing training session that was very engaging.

  • The trainer really knew how to draw students out of themselves. A really excellent day!

  • Trainer created a fantastic atmosphere of trust that really encouraged students to participate in all the activities.

  • A superb delivery, enthusiastic and passionate.

The Ruth Gorse Academy


Professional throughout. Friendly and built excellent rapport with all students. Good pace, always positive and used humour really effectively – our kids loved their day!

Thornhill Community College


  • The impact of Talk The Talk was phenomenal to see with student groups I observed. To see students not keen on the idea of public speaking to individually speak was incredibly powerful. The trainer’s relaxed, approachable and engaging rapport (in such a short period of time) with the students was amazing. Students definitely felt empowered and will walk away with skills that they can apply to all areas of their lives.

  • Excellent training in relation to confidence and public speaking.

Tong Leadership Academy


  • High-quality delivery and well-structured activities. Student’s responded extremely well and gaining lot’s from the session. Learning materials were of excellent quality. Fantastic to see how students have gained confidence and skills throughout the day.

  • Excellent opportunity for students to develop their oracy skills. Students were engaged/valued the opportunity for feedback to improve their oracy.

University Academy Keighley


  • Amazing to see very shy and reluctant students being gradually empowered to join in and gain such a sense of achievement.

  • Enthusiastic and progressive, remarkably clear improvements in pupil’s confidence by the end!

Vale of York


  • Very engaging, delivered really well, friendly, good questions, and great feedback - excellent session!

  • The trainer is very friendly and confident. Trainer engaged the students really well and was full of great energy!

  • The delivery was engaging and had good pace. Students felt that the day was purposeful, developed their confidence and they feel more confident in being able to do this in the future.

Woodkirk Academy