YEARS 7-11

Are your students confident communicators?



is an engaging confident communication masterclass run over a full school day. Our expert trainers coach and support students to deliver a structured presentation to their peers at the end of the day.


Individual, pair and group activities teach and develop the use of structure in presentations, essay writing and exam answers. Students are taught to identify and use persuasive language techniques to get their message across.


Students will:

  • Create a personalised talk topic generator

  • Talk about their own confidence levels when speaking in front of others

  • Deliver a structured talk about a peer using persuasive techniques

  • Study and apply the different modes of human communication

  • Deliver impromptu talks on a variety of topics with a transferable structure

  • Identify their individual passions and opinions to then structure and deliver a presentation without notes to their peers


This workshop will:

  • Prepare your students for speaking and listening assessments

  • Enable your students to find their unique voice

  • Provide students with the tools to structure and deliver presentations, essays and class contributions

  • Equip students with the competencies to deliver a two-minute presentation without notes

  • Support students to identify and understand the effect of persuasive devices and use them within presentations and essays

  • Provide students with the skills to be able to answer questions in a variety of situations with a clear and concise structure


At the end of the workshop, teachers are encouraged to build upon the workshop outcomes by delivering our suite of video-based online follow-up lessons. This continues to boost communication opportunities and ensure that strong oracy skills are embedded within the mindsets of the students involved.