YEARS 11 – 13

Are your students ready to move on?


Leaving school to enter the world of work, further training or education is both an exciting and daunting time. The prospect of independence is often overwhelming.


supports students preparing to leave school or college by developing the competencies needed to take this next step with confidence and a positive mindset.


Students will:

  • Talk about their life experiences and translate these into a defined set of unique skills

  • Talk about their plans for moving on – and how con dent they feel about this

  • Learn about preparing for an interview and appropriate communication during an interview

  • Prepare a set of open questions and undergo mock interviews both as interviewer and interviewee

  • Explore the impact and necessity of personal anecdotes within the interview situation

  • Structure and deliver an interview ready presentation about their experiences and skills


This workshop will:

  • Highlight and nurture employability skills, interview techniques and key presentation methods

  • Develop oracy skills that improve connections with potential employers and training providers

  • Equip students with advanced visual, vocal and verbal communication skills

  • Boost levels of confidence and self-esteem as students move on from school or college

  • Provide students with a resource to assist the creation of a CV using appropriate and professional terminology


At the end of this workshop students will be able to keep their workbook which will assist them in creating their first CV, completing their UCAS application and preparing for upcoming interviews.