YEARS 6 – 7

Transition to secondary school involves changes that can be both exciting and a cause of concern to students.


Successful transition is vital to the development of students’ self-confidence, self-esteem and academic competence.


uses oracy based activities and strategies to help students develop greater self-confidence and resilience to support the successful transition from primary to secondary school.

Students will:

  • Create an individual transition profile
    Talk about how they feel when starting their new school

  • Be partnered with a new friend – and each will interview and then introduce their partner to their peers with a structured talk

  • Identify what they see as the opportunities and challenges facing them in their new school

  • Work within small groups to present a structured talk about these opportunities and challenges and suggest the means to embrace and overcome them

  • Identify their goals for the coming year in their new school and present a structured talk to their peers about them  


This workshop will:

  • Build positive relationships and promote well-being

  • Boost levels of self-confidence and self- esteem as students embark on their secondary school journey

  • Develop oracy skills that improve connection to peers and teachers

  • Support students in identifying new friendship groups by sharing personal experiences and interests

  • Provide a kinaesthetic experience of planning for writing through planning for speaking

  • Equip students with a mature level of confidence for contributing to class activities, discussions and speaking in front of their peers


At the end of the workshop, teachers will collect the student workbooks that will provide the school with a personalised record to assist them in supporting each student individually through the transition phase.