• Excellent training sessions. Students were very well motivated and could clearly see progress!

  • The session really engaged the students, all students were included. All Students grew in confidence. It was great – challenged my thoughts and took me out of my comfort zone!

  • The Trainer was absolutely excellent. His Manner with the pupils was superb – it was a pleasure to observe the session. I think the pupils really got a lot out of it!

  • Excellent. Great enthusiasm and pace. Good variety of activities, good confidence building for pupils. Fantastic praise was given. All-round great communication training for students. It was great!

  • Excellent. Well organised. Great rapport with kids!

  • Excellent Manner with the students and all benefitted from the workshop.

Durham Johnson Comprehensive School


The quality of these sessions was outstanding. The environment of positivity created within the room today amongst a group of vulnerable and reluctant students was an amazing achievement. I cannot recommend these sessions enough!

  • Outstanding Session, Students were very engaged throughout.

  • Amazing student interaction.

Ferryhill Business Enterprise College


Great course that really benefited children to develop confidence and communication. Loved the way the experience developed throughout the session.

Freebrough Academy


  • Lovely atmosphere – the pupils were engaged and there was a high participation ratio. Really nice to see pupils become more confident and comfortable with their communication.

  • Excellent trainers, they really engaged the kids and the children thoroughly enjoyed it! You could see the progress they made throughout the day.

  • Students were really encouraged to share information about their likes and dislikes with each other and the group as a whole; this served to promote confidence and to speak clearly, using appropriate body language.

  • The trainer was really beneficial throughout for each and every student, he allowed them to develop skills that would support them with their future learning.

High Tunstall College of Science


  • Very personable and skilled trainer, pupils all encouraged! Excellent and appropriate content. Ms Cook

  • Really enjoyed the session, lots of interaction and practical elements. Excellent advice, students really engaged with all the activities and had a lot of fun, despite them being forced out of their comfort zone.

  • Excellent activities – Good/supportive critical and constructive feedback to students – Opportunity for students to be ‘out of their comfort zone’ – What a way to boost confidence for our students. 

  • Year 10 class and training was a perfect level, pupils focused and really enjoyed the session.

Ian Ramsey School


  • Fantastic – pupils engaged, laughing, sharing options, and learning.

  • Outstanding – pupils who we know have confidence issues all delivered speeches in front of their peers.

  • The class loved to engage and participate in all the activities. The flow and pace of the sessions were superb. The students should feel proud of what they have achieved today.

  • Very positive and engaging, kept pupils interested throughout the entire session.

  • Trainers are honest, articulate and have an excellent pace to motivate students. He is engaging with all kinds of pupils and addresses every personality in the room – brilliant!

  • Great delivery and engagement – I learned lots too!

  • Engaging course getting the pupils to speak openly in front of others. Excellent trainer who involved all pupils in discussions and tasks - excellent tasks.

  • Confident. All Pupils engaged well in activities.

Longfield Academy

  • Very positive. Encouragement to get ALL students involved. The trainer had some VERY shy students with a range of additional needs in the one group. He made it safe and comfortable for everyone to contribute, even for those who are usually difficult, disengaged and silly. Good use of humour, lots of positive feedback from the trainer and their peers.

  • Every single student was engaged to take part and the trainer gives them the confidence to do so. Even some of the more difficult/quiet students. The process of feedback was well received and crucial in creating success.

Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy


  • The difference between the students from start to finish was amazing!

  • Very enthusiastic. The children were well motivated and kept busy throughout the session. The children grew in confidence, especially towards the final presentation. The children understood the difference between opportunities and challenges, which they can take into year 7 to improve behaviour and work ethos.

Outwood Academy Bishopsgarth


  • Brilliant, the trainer was great with the kids, patient and brilliant at building confidence. It was amazing to see it work!

  • All practitioners excellent – Huge progress made all-day –Fully engaged and benefiting.

  • Outstanding training. The impact it had on the students was evident. They grew in confidence, excellent strategies used. Fully engaging for the entire day.

  • Energetic delivery of varied content. Pupils that lacked confidence early in the session developed quickly as the day progressed.

  • The trainer was inspirational and modelled tasks very well to students.

  • Very enthusiastic and engaging. All year 6 came out of their shells – happy and confident! One girl at the end said to us that she had never stood up and talked in front of others at primary but did today.

  • The training was fun and inclusive which allowed engagement for all pupils. The trainer allowed pupils to really challenge themselves but with support and positivity.

St Aidan’s Academy


  • Excellent session. The trainer was fantastic at engaging the pupils and building their confidence as the session progressed.

  • Excellent training provided, very personable, professional and valuable training that supported and built confidence for all students.

  • Fantastic, enthusiastic and engaging. Amazing experience for all students and immediate results!

  • Absolutely brilliant – fab delivery, excellent tone and manner with students, helping them to feel completely at ease. Very motivational!

  • Brilliant range of activities, amazing presence and delivery! The programme will transfer skills brilliantly, particularly with their GCSE English speaking and listening!

  • Absolutely fantastic! Warm, friendly, enthusiastic, amazing with the students – LOVED IT!

  • Fantastic facilitation of student’s engagement and enjoyment!

  • I enjoyed every minute and so did my form- thank you!

The Hermitage Academy


  • Very engaging, funny and facilitated fantastic learning experience. The trainer's knowledge of English skills really strengthened the effectiveness of the workshop.

  • Our students absolutely loved the session and we have already seen a positive impact on their confidence in class and in the lead up to their S&L assessment. We will also be utilising some of the resources you’ve provided in our lessons to support them in their preparation.

Parkside Academy


Excellent resources, games, fun and engaging. Great preparation for writing speeches. The trainer was brilliant! Kids loved her!

Seaton Sluice Middle School


The trainer was very welcoming and engaging! Explained tasks well and pupils made clear progress.

St Anthony’s Girls Catholic Academy


Student’s behaviour was exceptional. Students were enthusiastic at the end of the day and appreciated all the advice given. Students benefited greatly!

Unity City Academy