The trainer was very friendly and explained everything so it was easy for students to understand especially on what he wanted to be achieved. Great questioning was used to get students to talk more about their topics and feel more confident with themselves.
T Massey
Teacher, Admiral Lord Nelson School

Lots of insightful teaching – pupils learnt a great deal on how to give an effective speech. The trainer was full of enthusiasm. Should prove to be very beneficial in their listening/speaking assessments
Chris Pink
English Teacher, Cams Hill School

I was so pleased with the progress that all of my pupils made, but the impact on the quieter students was immense. The trainer was fabulous and really encouraged and praised all pupils. I also moved around all 10 classes and was very pleased. I really cannot think of any improvements.
Ali Reeves
Head of English KS3, Cams Hill School

High quality demonstrations - very good modelling.  Good positive manner - attractive to the group.
Ian Coombs
Headteacher, John Hanson Community College

Absolutely fantastic – the students went from very reluctant to extremely confident.  
Rachel McCombie
Literacy Co-ordinator, King Richard School

I was very impressed with the dynamic, positive and motivational attitude of the trainer. She was able to build trust and a safe environment where all pupils made exceptional progress.
Bruce Plessis
Year 7 Tutor, The Littlehampton Academy

Fantastic! Absolutely hit the need of the group – nice rapport with students who had all developed confidence during the day. Skilful scaffolding of tasks that took students on a real journey.
Andy Harrison
Head of Drama/Lead Practioner, Redbridge Community School

Very lively, animated and engaging. Pupils really enjoyed the day.
Helen Bolton
Head of English, Springfield School

The trainer was fantastic. She had a great relationship with all pupils in the group. The information given to pupils was invaluable and a great benefit to all. Lovely atmosphere as I walked straight into the room. Lots of praise for the students and they all responded positively and were on task. Fantastic resources that structure the purpose of the workshop.
Avril Lawless
Science Teacher, Springfield School

A fantastic experience for our students who felt safe and secure to speak in front of their peers. The trainer really had them hooked!
Rhian Cox
English Teacher, Upper Shirley High School

I really enjoyed today and my students got a lot out of it and I got some good ideas for teaching as well!
Sarah Haywood
2nd in English, Upper Shirley High School