Excellent presentations and empathy and engagement with the students. Informative, structured and friendly.
Kate Pemberton
ASPIRE co-ordinator, Axe Valley Community College

A fabulous day of energetic and dynamic work - kids enthused and inspired to do better and better. A great day for all.
Naomi Gribbler
Head of English, Axe Valley Community College

Excellent range of highly relevant activities that fully engaged a group who came to the workshop somewhat reluctantly. Every student took valuable skills away from the day. Thank you.
Jane Mason
Head of Citizenship, Beaufort Co-operative Academy

The trainer was clear, lively and always positive with all members of the class. Students were helped to engage and to participate. I particularly enjoyed the range of techniques explained to the class – in a way that the students engaged with and enjoyed.
Linda Croft
Head of English, Beaminster School

The training was really well pitched and the trainer was charismatic and engaging. All students learnt something about presentation skills and felt empowered enough to have a go.
J Huzzey
Senior Teacher, Bristol Free School

Very engaging and fun training, which kept two tricky groups of students focused and working. Some students made superb progress, rising from very low levels or confidence to give articulate and structured presentations. All students said they enjoyed the experience. Thank you to both trainers for their help and support.

Stephen Howe
Head of English, Bucklers Mead Academy

Hugely beneficial and productive sessions for the Year 11 students.  Pace of the session was excellent and students enjoyed the interaction from the trainer.  The guides provided will be incredibly useful moving forward.
David Hammond
English Teacher, Churchfields Academy

Great day with lots of relevant and useful activities, tips and tricks. The trainer had good rapport with the boys throughout.  
Sue Moreton
IAG co-ordinator, Devonport High School for Boys

Fantastic day. It was great to see the girls so engaged. The trainer made the girls feel very secure. In the days and weeks following Talk The Talk workshops I was impressed with the buzz and positivity from the teachers and students.
Deirdre McMahon
Head of Business and Enterprise. Devonport High School for Girls

Students made great progress with their confidence. It was lovely to see the smiling faces) and surprise in some cases) as they finished their speeches to rapturous applause.
R Baxter,
Geography Teacher, The Gryphon School

Superb interaction with students. Low confidence students able to work at their own pace. Students enjoyed and gained so much from the day.
Andrew Mead
Headteacher, Lytchett Minster School

Excellent trainer; really engaging. Students responded well to the training and
they all managed to speak by the end of the day. A fantastic workshop.

Fiona Davies
Teacher, Mangotsfield School

Brilliant enthusiasm and pace, well planned activities and super encouragement and support.
Nadine Parker
Head of Year 9, Millbrook Academy

Thank you to the trainers. They were highly professional, encouraging and effective in their coaching. I look forward to working with Talk The Talk again.
Tracy Harris
Headteacher, Parkstone Grammar School

Excellent work with pupils. The progress and confidence growth is amazing.
Itasha Honeyghan
Head of English, Plymouth UTC

I felt that this was an invaluable experience for our students. It offered them the opportunity to share ideas, develop new skills and to practice public speaking that will be a skill they can utilise throughout their school and working lives.
Tina Jackson
Head of House, Redland Green School

A fantastic and inspirational day witnessing students who would normally object to public speaking deliver wonderfully structured speeches.
Tom Fisher
Leader of Personal Development, Redland Green School

A brilliant and helpful session. The trainer was friendly, personable and quickly built positive relationships with the students, some of whom are reticent and completely lacking in confidence. Thank you!
Katie Egan
English Teacher, St Aldhelms Academy