The training received today was exceptional. Our Y8/9 students were chosen for specific academic and social reasons and the training brought out the best in them.

Susan Owen
SENCO, Blythe Bridge High School

Superb. Engaging. Extremely Useful.
Elaine Hale
Director of Year 9, Cannock Chase High School

Absolutely brilliant! Extremely engaging content and excellent subject knowledge. Relationships with the students were fantastic and overall a really beneficial day, Thank you!
Verity Garber
English Teacher, Haywood Academy

Very valuable indeed in raising confidence and teaching students to structure and present an effective talk. This will be excellent preparation for the S&L requirements for AQA GCSE English. A most engaging and informative day. Thank you.
Frances Field
Head of English, Lady Hawkins School

Excellent day - pupil progress and enjoyment obvious throughout.  Delivery exceptional.  Students were engaged and developed well.  
Phil Griffith
English Teacher, Marches School

Some wonderful discussion and guidance in a challenging group. Well-structured and delivered. Wholeheartedly encouraging. Fabulous.
Alex Town
English Teacher, Myton School

Fantastic day to reward students at end of year 10. Variety of activities; excellent pace; good relationship; with students; deeply supportive; encouraged participation at all times.
Rachel Goodwin
English Teacher, Myton School

Engaging for all students and lots of positive encouragement resulting in all feeling more confident.
Tracy Heggs
2nd in English, Myton School

Fantastic! Very much enjoyed and the students benefitted massively - excellently led and a lot of fun.
Beth Garden
English Teacher, Nicholas Chamberlaine School

Engaging, informative and educational – supportive workshop, which scaffolded steps to ensure progress and a sense of achievement. Good links to the ‘bigger picture’ and ‘real world’ issues.
Claire Larkin
English and Drama Teacher, Ormiston Chadwick Academy

Excellent dialogue with students (and me) - the benefits for students are very clear and it helps that the trainer was so engaging and relatable as a trainer.
Mr P Stacey
Head of House, Priory School

Incredible that they all performed - there was such a buzz in the room - they were delighted with themselves.
Ruth Shaw
Head of English, Priory School

I could see clearly that the students had all made excellent progress in their speaking and listening skills over the day. Students usually introverted presented confidently and independently.
L. Larvin
Head of English, Saint John Wall Catholic School

Thought provoking, well pitched, well structured, engaging, empowering. The students relaxed and grew in confidence as the session progressed. Thank you!

Emma Land
English Teacher, South Bromsgrove High School

Engaging and enjoyable. All students participated and had a productive day. Excellent trainer with great leadership skills.
Emma Bowler
Head of English, St Peter’s Academy

Really great to see students participating in the array of activities in today’s session - especially when it all starts to make sense to them! The trainer was really engaging and having his time and expertise to focus on being a better communicator and to present themselves in a positive manner
will be invaluable to them in the future.

Danielle Cornell
Teacher of Art, Thomas Alleyne’s School

The trainer provided an excellent session that was high on student interest and engagement. The tasks set were challenging and articulated the
learning objectives perfectly.

Graham Quirk,
Acting Head of English, Walsall Academy

Students were really engaged; the presentations were well thought through and delivered well.  Course seemed really well planned.
Ceri Price
MFL teacher, Wigmore School